Demand/Supply of Accommodation

Milano "Uni Agency"

Uni Agency is a project initiated by the Department of Housing of the Municipality of Milano with the agreement of all the universities of Milan, the Cariplo Foundation and the Regione Lombardia. Uni Agency was founded with the aim of developing accommodation of students away from home, bringing together supply and demand for housing. It connects students and homeowners and provides both parties with support and advice in the steps of administrative and bureaucratic iter. Among the services offered by Uni Agency there are support and orientation service to the city, transportations and possibility for the free time. Services offered by Uni Agency are totally free.

More information:

Uni Agency, Via Dogana n. 2 - 20123 Milano -
Phone 02-88453435, 02-88448540
e-mail : ED.AgenziaUni(at)

Solidarity Accommodation

Milano "Prendi in casa uno studente" (Welcoming a student in your house)

Politecnico, in collaboration with MeglioMilano, a non-profit organization, sets up the project "Welcoming a student in your house" to encourage meeting between university students looking for accommodation, and pensioners with an available room. Students can save the rent towards the costs of housekeeping and doing some small useful services for the elderly, in the interests of good relationship and cooperation. The association MeglioMilano collects requests, organizes cohabitations and is helpful with meetings and advice.

More information:

Associazione MeglioMilano
Corso Venezia 43, 20121 Milano
Phone 02.76020589, fax 02.76009045

E-mail: prendiincasa(at)

Piacenza "Vicinato solidale" (Solidarity with the neighbourhood)

In Piacenza, in some buildings owned by the Municipality, two constructions have been granted in use at Politecnico. These structures have respectively six and five accommodations for housing needs of students carrying out their activities at the university of Piacenza. This offer, which can accommodate about 30 students, is part of a program of solidarity among the elderly, disabled people and university students, called "Solidarity with neighbourhood".

Politecnico selects students, who want to get involved in the project, on the basis of merit and economical situation. This project involves a social commitment of three/five hours a week to check general conditions of elderly and disabled people who live in the same residence, to keep them company or help them in little daily commissions.

The property management is entrusted to Acer. Politecnico also delegates Acer to carry out furniture; the operation is controlled by Municipality of Piacenza regarding elderly and disabled people assistance.

Nowadays, students who are involved in this project are 33.

More information: