Check in/out


Once the reservation is completed, the student has to communicate his arrival to the residence through the online form at least 15 days before arrival.

Check-in is possible from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Check-out procedures

It is mandatory to communicate to the residence the day and time of the check-out trough the online form, 15 days before leaving. The day of the check-out the accommodation will be checked in front of the student, then it is necessary to sign the “check-out report” attesting the condition of the accommodation (or attesting deficiencies or damages compared to the check-in).

 PLEASE NOTE: The check-out report is necessary to receive the deposit back.

 PLEASE NOTE: for those who leave the residence at the end of the academic year (July 31st  2019) it is possible to check-out within August 1st 2019 at 10 am.


Before entering the residence, the guest has to pay a deposit of € 400,00

This deposit will be given back after the last check-out from the residence: if the residence will not have debts or damages, the full amount will be given back, otherwise the amount will be reduced. 

How to get the deposit back

The deposit can be refunded only by bank transfer within 60 days from the request.

In order to receive the amount please write an email to, with the subject “Deposit refund”, and writing the following details:

  • surname e name 
  • personal code
  • fiscal code
  • name of the bank
  • name of the account holder
  • number of bank account
  • IBAN code ( if provided in your country) and the SWIFT code, written in capital letters

and attaching to the email:

  • a scan copy of a valid Identity card or passport
  • a scan copy of the Check-out paper

Please note that in case the account is not headed to you, you will have to provide also a copy of the account holder’s ID.



For further information please send an email to booking-residenze(at)