Check in/out

After having made the reservation, paid and uploaded the receipt online, you have to fill-in the exact date and time for your check-in.


As soon as you know the exact day for your check-in, you will have to submit it in the online booking process, in the section “Communication Check-in/Check-out”. You must communicate this information at least one week before your arrival.
Check-in are allowed from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 12.30 am and from 2 pm to 5 pm. If you have booked a place in an apartment, check-in information is very important because an appointee will meet you in order to give you the keys and show you the apartment.

How to change the check-in date you submitted online

If you already submitted the date of your check-in online and you are unable to keep it, please write to residenze(at) with “Check-in date variation” as subject.

If you have booked a place in an apartment please write to the following email addresses in order to take a new appointment for the check-in:

Residenza-dateo(at) if you will stay in “Residenza Dateo”;
Residenza-gauss(at) if you will stay in “Residenza Gauss”;

For any urgencies you can call to: +39-02-23952701

Delivery of the keys

If you have booked an apartment, our appointee will be there at the check-in time you submitted.

If you have booked a campus the reception employee will give you the keys. 

Check-in record

At the time of your entry in a campus or in an apartment an appointee will show you the accommodation. In that moment, you should verify the conditions with the structure employee. We suggest you to be very careful in order to report immediately any defaults you will notice on the “check-in record”. At the end of the inspection you can proceed to the signature of acceptance. You will receive a copy 

How to extend or shorten (early termination) the length of the stay

If you want to extend or shorten (early termination) the length of your stay you have to communicate it by writing an email to residenze(at) with the subject “Check-out date variation” at least 30 days before the new check-out date. In absence of prior notice at least 30 days before you will have to pay one monthly rent starting from the date in which you communicate the cancellation. In case of early termination on yearly reservations (the discounted ones), rents will be recalculated without the discount (the monthly rent will be applied for the entire length of your stay, recalculating the total you have already paid). 

Check-out procedures

The residence’s management has to know the date and time of your check-out. Please remember to agree with it. Your room will be checked with you the day of your check-out, then you will have to sign the “check-out record” reporting the good conditions of the accommodation (or eventually any failures or damages in comparison with the day of the check-in). Please note that you have to keep this record in order to ask for the refund of the deposit. 


All guests are requested to pay a deposit of € 400,00. It will be returned after definitive check-out from the structure and in any case after that the guest has be paid all the rents (including the costs for the guestrooms).

If the guest does not pay for possible damages caused by himself to the residence, or for possible extra cleanings due to his behavior, the deposit can be used to pay this debts, if they are inferior or equal to the amount of the deposit.

If the outgoing guests want to stay in one of Politecnico's residences also for the following year, they are asked not to withdraw the deposit: it will be considered valid for the following reservation, even if they intend to book into a different residence.

How to get the deposit back

The deposit can be refunded by cash or by bank transfer.
For the refund in cash you have to go to Housing Service Office desks, from Monday to Thursday from 9.30 to 12.30 with:

  • Valid ID document or passport
  • Check-out paper 

Then you will have to go to Banca Popolare di Sondrio in via Bonardi, 4 Milano to withdraw the money.

In order to receive the amount with bank transfer, please write an email to residenze(at), with the subject “Deposit refund”, and writing the following details:

  • Name of the bank
  • Name of the account holder
  • IBAN code and the SWIFT code, written in capital letters

and attaching to the email:

  • A scan copy of a valid Identity card or passport
  • A scan copy of the Check-out paper

Please note that in case that the account is not headed to you, you will have to provide a copy of the accountholder’s ID and the proxy form filled-in.

In case of refund via bank account, process can take several weeks.