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Before contacting the Housing Service, please read the list of the frequently asked questions (FAQs). Among them, you may find the answer to your question.

1) How many places can I book?

You can book only one place, in only one residence.
A guest cannot book an entire double room, or a double room single use. It is not possible to make more than one reservation per person. 

2) Which are the payment methods?

We are still defining the payment methods: the new methods will be published soon. 

3) I have booked an accommodation, but after that I did not enroll to Politecnico di Milano, or I am not able to depart. Can I have my money back?

No: if you book an accommodation and then you are not able to enroll at Politecnico di Milano, you are NOT entitled to reimbursement.

4) What does the rent include?

Supply of water, electricity, gas, internet connection and the use of common areas. For more information please read the webpage of each residence on our website.

5) What are the anti-COVID rules of conduct that I must adhere to within the halls of residence?


Students who are recipients of a housing spot are required to adhere to the measures provided to them by the staff at the halls of residence.


In particular, students must:


·         Wear a protective mask in all common areas such as reception, study rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, elevators, libraries and auditorium (where present); 


·         Leave the windows open as much as possible in order to promote the constant circulation of fresh air;


·         Properly wash their linens;


·         Not enter other people’s rooms;


·         Help to keep the common areas clean, especially the kitchens and gyms;


·         If students are assigned to rooms with a shared bathroom, they must ensure that they sanitise it after every use with products containing chlorine or 70% alcohol, which will be provided by the management;


·         If students are assigned to rooms with a shared bathroom, they must use their own personal hygiene products and not share them.



6) Who is entitled to the COVID-19 refund/reduction, and how can I request it


Politecnico is committed to providing a refund/reduction to anybody who, due to the self-isolation measures of a maximum of 14 days imposed upon those entering Italy as an anti-COVID containment measure, have had to postpone their check-in at one of the Politecnico’s residential facilities.


The amount of the refund/reduction shall correspond to the number of nights spent outside the halls of residence, up to a maximum of 14, and will be calculated based on the annual/termly rate.


The following requirements must be met in order to request the refund/reduction:


·         Students must be enrolled in the Politecnico di Milano for the academic year 2020/2021 or must obtain their degree by the end of December 2020;


·         Students must not be recipients of a DSU scholarship;


·         Students must be recipients of a spot/room in one of the Politecnico di Milano’s residential facilities, and they must have accepted it, paying the full cost in a single advance payment or paying the Politecnico the first instalment of the total amount owed.




Any student who wishes to request the refund/reduction must email residenze2020@polimi.it, putting “Richiesta rimborso/abbuono Covid-19 – Name and Surname” [“Request for COVID-19 refund/reduction – Name and Surname”] in the subject line.


The email must contain the following information and attachments:


·         Name, surname and person code;


·         Copy of the student’s identity document/passport;


·         Copy of the student’s plane ticket;


·         Copy of the student’s visa (where required);


·         Copy of the student’s check-in document and signed self-certification.


Requests must be submitted within 15 days of the check-in date.


Applications will be analysed individually, and additional information may be requested if necessary. The paperwork will be processed as quickly as possible and, in any case, no longer than a month after the application is submitted.


Payment of the refund/reduction:


Once the application has been processed, the student will be informed via email whether their request has been approved (with details of the amount owed to them) or rejected.


In case of approval:


·         Students who have opted to pay for their spot/room in full in a single advance payment will receive a refund by way of a bank transfer;


·         Students who have opted to pay for their spot/room in instalments will receive a reduction in the amount of their next instalment.




The refund will be paid to the IBAN indicated in your online services information. In the absence of any IBAN, the refund will not be successful and you will lose the right to receive it.