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Before contacting the Housing  Services, please read the list of the frequently asked questions (FAQs). Among them, you may find the answer for your question.

1) How many places can I book?

You can book only one place, in only one residence.
A guest cannot book an entire double room, or a double room single use. It is not possible to make more than one reservation per person. 

2) Can I book both an accommodation at full rent and with DSU benefits?

No. If you intend to participate to the public competition for DSU benefits, we suggest you not to make a reservation at full rent. You should wait for the definitive ranking list for reduced rate accommodation to be published.
Please note that if you book an accommodation at full rent, you are required to pay 2 monthly rents in advance and the deposit, within 3 days from your booking. If you book an accommodation at full rent, and after the publication of the ranking list you will result as a beneficiary of an accommodation at reduced rate, we won’t refund the 2 monthly rent. That means that you will have to pay the month of September and October at full rent, and the reduced rate (and consequently the deduction from your scholarship ) will start from November 1st  on. 

3) Can I book the room with a student who is a friend of mine?

Two guests can share a room if they are both enrolled to Politecnico di Milano, if they both booked the same room type (double) in the same residence, and they are of the same gender (male/female).
Given this, the request for the same room must be sent by email to residenze(at) with the subject “Sharing room” after both made their reservation. The guest who writes the request should put in copy his/her friend.

4) Which are the payment methods?

First payment (the one which confirms the reservation), has to be done by credit card or bank transfer. You can select the payment method you prefer, in the online procedure under the heading “Payment methods”. Please note: once you have chosen the payment method, the system does not allow you to change it anymore. If you need to change the selected payment method, please write an email to the residence office with the subject ‘’Change of payment methods’’.
After the payment with credit card or bank transfer, you must upload the receipt in the section "Confirm accommodation"

For the following payments, guests will receive a payment slip, by email, around every two months. Payment slips (MAV) can be paid in post offices, banks, and some tobacco shops (the ones  that have a state lottery corner), or on Scrignopagofacile website:

5) I have booked an accommodation, but after that I did not enrol to Politecnico di Milano, or I am not able to depart. Can I have my money back?

Yes, if you book an accommodation and then you are not able to enrol at Politecnico di Milano or to come here, you are entitled to full reimbursement. Please communicate your official renounce to the accommodation and your request of reimbursement  to residenze(at) (read section 2: “how to cancel the reservation”).

6) Which is the return and refund policy after having made the first booking?

If you want to annul your reservation, you have to give a written notice, sending an email to residenze(at) at least 30 days before the starting date of your reservation.
In this case, you are entitled to a full reimbursement.
In case of lack of any advance notice you will be refunded of the deposit only.

7) Which are the services offered by the residences?

On our website you can find a description of each structure and its services.

8) What does the rent include?

Supply of water, electricity, gas, internet connection and the use of common areas. For more information please read the webpage of each residence on our website.

9) I need an accommodation during the closing period of August. Where can I live?

Most of Politecnico di Milano residences close in August. Some of them stay open and can host all the students that are in need of an accommodation in August . In June, the Housing Service Office tells which residences will stay open in August. After that you can contact directly the residence’s management in order to book and to pay the month of August.

10) I have to go in Erasmus. What I have to do with my accommodation?

You have to leave the accommodation. You have to inform us about your departure, writing an email to residenze(at) at least 30 days before the departure day. Please note that if you have made a yearly reservation (and so you have benefit of a discount on every month) the amount will be recalculated. Please read the heading  nr. 2 Rents and nr. 3 How to extend or shorten (early termination) the length of the stay.

If after having completed the period abroad you will be in need of an accommodation, please write an email to residenze(at)  few weeks in advance, specifying the period you are interested in. The Housing Service Office will inform you about the available rooms.


Housing Services
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