About your stay

What I will find in the accommodation

In your accommodation you will find a single bed, a bedside table with a lamp, a wardrobe, a desk with a lamp and window curtains.
You will also find: mattress cover, sheets, pillowcases, blankets and bath linen. 

What to bring

You will have to bring from home: personal toiletries, pots, dishware, tableware . We suggest you to read the residences’ regulation in order to know which electrical appliances and objects are not allowed. 

Breakdown report

If you will live in an apartment, and any breakdown should occur, please mail the description of the fault to:

Residenza-dateo(at)polimi.it for Dateo Residence;
Residenza-gauss(at)polimi.it for Gauss Residence;

If you will live in a college, please follow the procedure given from the reception.

Rooms for relatives and friends

In our residences a guesthouse service for relatives and friends is available. If you live in one of our colleges, please talk to the reception in order to have information about  availability and payment.
If you live in a Politecnico apartment, please write to residenze(at)polimi.it with the subject “Request for a room as guesthouse”.
The prices for a room as guesthouse are on our website, in the rates list of every residence. 

Temporarily absence from the structure

If you intend to participate to an international mobility program, you should inform the Housing Service office at least 30 days before. If you want to keep the room, you have to pay the rents for the entire period of absence.
If you leave temporarily the accommodation (for example for Christmas or Easter holidays, etc..) in the middle of your booking, you will have to pay the rent for the vacant days anyway.

General Regulations of University Residences