The Politecnico di Milano offers visiting professors and researchers/research fellows/visiting PhD students connected with the university the opportunity to live in its Halls of Residence, offering single rooms or small apartments (for one person or for couples), depending on availability:


“Galileo Galilei” Hall of Residence, Via F. Corridoni, 22 – Milan | single rooms with private bathroom

“Einstein” Hall of Residence, Via Einstein, 6 – Milan | one-person studio apartments

“Pareto” Hall of Residence, Via Maggianico, 6 – Milan | one-person studio apartments

“Casa dello studente Leonardo da Vinci” Hall of Residence, Viale Romagna, 62 – Milan | mini-apartments for individuals/couples (NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE A.Y. 2024-2025 DUE TO RENOVATION WORKS

“La Presentazione” Hall of Residence, Via Zezio, 58 – Como | mini-apartments for individuals/couples

“Loos” Hall of Residence, Via A. Ghislanzoni, 24 – Lecco | mini-apartments for individuals/couples


Accommodation can be booked at the rates listed for a minimum of 30 days and up to the end of the month of July of each academic year, at the latest.

Any extensions or reductions of the booking period, with early check-out, must be requested with the required notice provided, as described in the General Terms and Conditions attached below; these also contain all the instructions needed for guests to properly manage their booking.

Including any and all extensions and renewals (the latter being subject to new Conditions and rates) of the guest’s stay in the following A.Y., the stay may last a maximum of 12 months, starting from the check-in date of the original booking and on the condition that their activities at the Politecnico di Milano are still underway.


During the booking process, future guests must follow these steps:

   – register in their Online Services – Online Services;

   – pay the first instalment in advance + a damage deposit of €500;

   – fill in and sign the reservation form sent to them by the relevant staff for acceptance of the attached General Terms and Conditions;

   – send the payment receipt and signed reservation form.

Before arrival, the guest must inform the Management of the Hall of Residence and the staff of the Housing & Dining Unit of their check-in date and time.



The first instalment (paid in advance) and the damage deposit are to be paid via credit/debit card or bank transfer.

All subsequent payments (if paying in instalments) are to be paid in advance on a monthly basis (by the 15th of each month).

Payment methods accepted for subsequent payments:

for those resident abroad: credit/debit card or bank transfer

for those resident in Italy: PagoPA, once an invoice has been issued.

The general terms and conditions can be viewed here

The types of accommodation available and pricing schemes can be viewed here.