The Politecnico di Milano offers its students the option of booking full-rate accommodation in single or double rooms (as detailed in the table below) in its Halls of Residence in Milan, Lecco and Como.

Leonardo Da VinciMilanIn single bedroom (with private bathroom), in single room (with shared bathroom), in double room
Vilfredo ParetoMilanIn single bedroom (with shared bathroom)
Isaac NewtonMilanIn single bedroom (with private bathroom) in double room, in single room in studio flat, in double room in mini loft
Adolf LoosLeccoIn single bedroom (with shared bathroom), in single room (with private bathroom), in double room and place in double mini loft
La presentazioneComoIn single bedroom (with private bathroom), in double room, in double mini loft

How to request a housing place

You can reserve a place on an annual or termly basis (first or second term) – however, none of the booking periods include the month of August. The opening dates for the booking procedures for each period are posted in advance in homepage. 

The periods available for booking are also specified in detail in the booking guide.


Rules and requirements

The following students may book accommodation: 

   – students who are enrolled or intend to enrol in a degree course;

   – foreign students participating in international mobility programmes;

   – students who are enrolled or intend to enrol in a PhD programme (if not recipients of a scholarship under their research fellowship).

The requirements for being able to live in a hall of residence are:

   – being at least 18 years of age as of the date of check-in; 

   – not having any outstanding financial debt owing to the Politecnico di Milano.


How to book

As of the date when booking opens, full-rate housing places can be booked – until the available places run out – in accordance with the procedures automatically managed by the online booking system available at: www.residenze.test.polimi.it.


ATTENTION – If you are a student not yet enrolled at Politecnico di Milano or if you are waiting for a visa, you can still book an accommodation place. In the event of failure to enroll at Politecnico di Milano or failure to obtain a visa, the amount paid for the accommodation reservation will NOT be refunded.


In order to book, you must follow these steps:

   – connect the portal (please note: if you do not have login details, you must first register on the university’s Online Services portal);

   – check availability, select the Hall of Residence, type of housing place, booking period and payment method, then save your booking;

   – make payment within 24 working hours in order to confirm the booking, otherwise it will be cancelled and the housing place will become available for others to book. Payment must be made via PagoPA, whether it is in instalments or paid in full up front;

   – communicate the date and time that you intend to check in, as detailed in the booking guide. 

Once you have completed your booking, it will no longer be possible to change the booking period from annual to termly or vice versa. 


PLEASE NOTE – When booking, full-rate students who are already guests of one of the Politecnico’s Halls of Residence for the term preceding the bookable period are given priority over new guests. 


Rates, payments and booking confirmation

The rates vary depending on the Hall of Residence and type of accommodation. The amounts set out in the pricing list are per person and include – in addition to the housing places – utilities, the use of common kitchens and all facilities offered in the hall of residence booked, as described in the list of services included in the documentation for each hall of residence.

During the booking process, students can choose one of the following payment options: 

   – one-off payment: by paying the full amount up front (at a discount, if paid as a single payment) and the damage deposit; 

   – bimonthly instalments: by paying, at the time of booking, the first of the five instalments for booking the whole year or the first of the three instalments for booking a single term (and the damage deposit). 

In any case, all payments must be made by the relevant deadlines and via the PagoPA platform, by following the instructions provided here.

The booking is considered confirmed when the student makes the first payment (whether this is the full amount paid up front or the first instalment, depending on the payment option selected). The student has 24 hours to make this payment from the time when they select their room, with failure to do so within this timeframe resulting in the booking being cancelled. The booking is then confirmed within the next 48 hours. 

Failure to pay subsequent instalments by the deadline will result in a 10% late fee being applied to the instalment. Failure to pay the instalment + the late fee is grounds for the university to commence debt collection, which may result in the student’s academic career being frozen. 


The complete guide to booking is available here.

For more information: click here.

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