Admission and reservations


Students paying full rate

Anyone who has made a reservation for the WHOLE YEAR or the FIRST TERM will be able to check in from August 28th 2023; anyone who has made a reservation for the SECOND TERM will be able to check in from February 19th 2024.

Guests will need to provide notice of the date on which they intend to check in on the portalin the ‘Data di arrivo’ (‘Check-in’) section at least 7 days before they arrive.


DSU Students

Any students in receipt of DSU will need to provide notice of the date on which they intend to check in when accepting the place on the portal:

Alloggio > Studenti BENEFICIARI DEL DIRITTO ALLO STUDIO – Accettazione alloggio – Accettazione alloggio > Studenti Beneficiari del Diritto allo Studio [Accommodation > Students in RECEIPT OF DIRITTO ALLO STUDIO – Acceptance of housing place – Acceptance of housing place > Students in Receipt of Diritto allo Studio].


Check-in times

Students may check in between Monday and Friday (excluding holidays) between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. 


What to bring

In order to check in, students must report to the hall of residence with: 

  • a valid identity document;
  • a passport photo;
  • for non-European Union students: passport and residence permit, receipt of application for issue or renewal of said document. 


Check-in report/inventory

At the start of their stay in the accommodation, the student must sign the check-in report/inventory, which contains information on the state of the accommodation and the furnishings present in their assigned room, as determined at the time when they move in. The guest must report any damages, problems or discrepancies within 48 hours of checking in, otherwise they will be deemed responsible for them when checking out.



For all students, the tenancy period at the university Halls of Residence ends on July 31st 2024. 

Students must book their check-out date at least 15 days before they leave the accommodation by making an appointment with the Management of the Hall of Residence via email.

If not communicated, the date and time of check-out will be established jointly with the director of the residence.


Check-in times

Students may check out between Monday and Friday (excluding holidays) by 10:00 am.

Please note: If students are not present on the date booked for their check-out for the purposes of inspecting the accommodation, the staff responsible for the inspection will proceed with it in their absence – with students waiving the right to object to any findings – and, in the case of any issues or damages, students will be charged, including for the costs of any special cleaning required.

The Politecnico di Milano and the Management of the Hall of Residence decline any responsibility in the event that any student’s personal belongings are damaged or missing. 


What to do

Students are required to definitively remove any and all personal belongings from the accommodation.


Check-out report/inventory

The check-out procedure involves:

    – an inspection of the condition of the accommodation by a member of staff of the hall of residence;

   – both the Manager of the Hall of Residence and the guest signing the check-out report detailing the state it is in;

   – returning the keys to the accommodation.


Return of damage deposit

After the check-out procedure is complete, students will be able to request that their damage deposit be returned. It is up to the student to request this once it has been verified whether or not any damages and/or breakages of the property, facilities and furnishings of the Hall of Residence have occurred.

If the property of the Politecnico is not found to have been damaged in any way, the deposit will be returned in full; otherwise, after the inspection has been carried out and the amount owed has been calculated, this amount will be withheld and the remainder of the deposit will be returned.

If the quantification of the damage will be lower than the amaount of the deposit, the amount will be withheld during the reimbursement phase; if, on the other hand, the quantification of the damage will be greater than the deposit paid, the student will be required to pay the difference

Deposits will be returned via bank transfer within 60 days of a request being submitted, which must be sent via the ticketing system, with the following subject: “Rimborso deposito cauzionale” [“Return of damage deposit”].

Documents to be attached: copy of check-out report/inventory, copy of valid identity document or passport

Before sending the request, the student must ensure that their Tax Code and personal residential details are present on their personal page in the Online Services. 

The student must also insert the details of a bank account/post office account in their name by going to Servizi on line del Politecnico di Milano->Dati->Gestione modalità di pagamento [Politecnico di Milano Online Services > Information > Manage payment methods].