In support of the Diritto allo Studio, the Politecnico di Milano offers accommodation in its residences at reduced rates, awarded each year through the DSU call, published by June.

The Politecnico di Milano offers out-of-campus students 1053 housing places at the residences in Milan, Lecco and Como: places are available in single or double rooms (as detailed in the table below).

RESIDENCECITYTYPE of accommodation place
Marie CurieMilanIn single room (with shared bathroom) and in double room
GalileiMilanIn single room (with shared bathroom)
EinsteinMilanIn single room (with shared bathroom) and in double room
NewtonMilanIn double room
ParetoMilanIn single room (with shared bathroom) and in double room
LoosLeccoIn double room
La PresentazioneComoIn double room

How to request a housing place

Housing places will be assigned through a call opens to students, with specific merit and income requirements determining the outcome; more detailed information on it (requirements, procedures, deadlines, etc.) is available on the call you can find on the Ateneo website of the Politecnico di Milano.
Students who are beneficiaries in the final ranking of accommodation, will be allocated an housing place at the reduced rate. The above-mentioned tariff is established annually by the Lombardy Regional Government and will be published as a supplement to the Call.
Exhausted the ranking any places still available, will become purchasable at full rate.


Rules and requirements

Places are assigned through competition to students who meet certain merit and income requirements. Detailed information (requirements, procedures, deadlines, etc.) can be found in the call for tenders. Income and merit requirements are established annually by the Call for Competition. The minimum requirements for applying for a place of accommodation at a reduced rate are:
– be regularly enrolled (or intend to enroll) in the academic year covered by the Call;
– Be or have reached the age of eighteen on the date of entry into the residence; otherwise, the student must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must check-in together with the student and must sign the report of delivery of the accommodation. The student must also show the release for minors signed by the parents and the corresponding photocopies of the identity documents;
– do not have economic leanings towards the Politecnico di Milano;
– be resident in a municipality not belonging to the urban area of the city where the course of study is based (Annex 1 of the DSU Call), and take more than 90 minutes to reach, by public transport, the place of study from the place of residence.


Applications and rankings

The application for the allocation of an accommodation place can be made on-line by logging in with your University credentials; if you do not have one, you must first register on the online services portal.
At the time of enrollment, students interested in applying for accommodation must select only one of the three Territorial Poles of the university: Milan, Lecco or Como. For each Pole a separate ranking is drawn up. For the Polo di Milano, you can express more preferences, selecting the residences in order of priority. The preference expressed shall not be binding at the time of allocation.

PLEASE NOTE – To be considered ‘Off-campus’, the student must take accommodation at the Territorial Pole where the lessons of his course of study are provided.


Assignments, rates and confirmation

Students who are designated “Beneficiaries” in the final ranking for the accommodation will be entitled to housing place at a reduced rate, the amount of which will be deducted from the scholarship. The amount of the discounted rate is independent of the type of accommodation allocated (whether in a single room or in a double room), and is established annually by the Lombardy Region, which indicates this amount in the Supplement to the DSU Call.
The “Beneficiary” students will have 48 hours to accept the proposed accommodation, failure to accept within the stipulated period is tantamount to rejection.
Students in receipt of a place of accommodation must:
pay to the Politecnico di Milano the sum of €500 as a security deposit;
accept for reading the Regulations and the Charter of University Residency Services currently in force.

The student must take possession of the allocated accommodation place within 15 days of acceptance. Otherwise, it will be considered a waiver, without prejudice to the right of Housing & Dining Unit to make the full deduction from the scholarship. Students benefiting from accommodation at a reduced rate who are found to be “ineligible” in the ranking of the scholarship will be able to stay at the allocated residence, but will be charged the full rate from the date of allocation of the accommodation place.
The allocation of accommodation at a reduced rate is not automatically renewed for the following academic year: in order to take advantage of the benefit, it is necessary to submit the application again, in the manner and within the time limits indicated in the new Notice of the DSU.


The acceptance guide is available here.

For more information: click here.