Starting from this year, we are creating a new “green” project to safeguard the wellbeing of our planet; therefore, we are happy to invite you to participate to the new “zero waste project”.

At the end of this academic year you, as guests of Politecnico di Milano halls of residence, will be asked to leave at the reception any object you think you will not need after leaving your room, but that could be essential to the future guests of the residence who will enjoy it during the next academic year.


In this first stage you will be encouraged, from May 14th to July 18th, to leave at the reception ON TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS ONLY a maximum of 35 objects, divided as follows:


  • Clothes, shoes, accessories (no underwear) – max 5
  • Home cleaning materials (brooms, brushes, etc) – max 3
  • Pots and pans – max 2
  • Glasses, cutlery, mugs, plates – max 5
  • Small appliances (blender, hairdryer, etc) – max 2
  • Hangers – max 5
  • Books and stationery – max 5
  • Electrical equipment (cables, etc) – max 5
  • Sports equipment – from 1 to 5 depending on the size


It is strictly forbidden to bring food (including canned and long shelf-life food), plants and any object that is unusable, dirty or clearly damaged.


We kindly ask for your collaboration so that, with the start of this project, the residences and their respective reception – with all the staff who works to maintain a comfortable environment all year long – will be respected as such and are not used as a storage.


We would also like to highlight that any object you will decide to make available to future guests cannot be redeemed if you come back to the residence.


Please let us know if you would like to participate in other “green” events through the following form 



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